Revelation Museum

                          EARLY WORKS
These pieces were made mostly in high school. I went to Eisenhower high in Yakima, Washington and graduated in 1963. I took art my last 2 years of high school and just loved it, and my teacher Mr. Nazz was so inspiring.
These pieces were made during my junior college (Yakima Valley College) and my college days at Ellensurg, Central Washing State, now a University.  The old art building was so neat, students would go at night and work on their projects.  The new building was further away and not so cozy.  
This is when I quit oil painting.  I graduated from Central in 1968 and then spent 3 years teaching second grade in Fontana, Ca.  Also I got married and had a child.  In 1971, I went back to Yakima, Wa. and commuted to Ellensburg, Central College.  I was working on a Masters Degree in Art. The professor said to me that I couldn't even draw and that I better work on that.  I haven't oil painted since.  Carrying paper and pencils from place to place was much easier than moving canvases around and I had become a single mom.  
When I taught school, I would teach the students to draw on cardboard and then go over the pencil with black crayon and then paint it like a coloring book. To make it look nice, glue the picture to construction paper.  I still like doing this.  Chato's Kitchen was an elementary book for kids and naming words was to teach reading.